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Gen-Probe (now Hologic) obtained a CE-mark for the first genetic urine test for prostate cancer (PCa). Their sales organisation targets only PCR laboratories performing the test while the marketing budget for educating urologists and patients is limited.


Create an on-line educational platform connecting patients concerned about having PCa with urologists, and connecting urologists with the laboratories.

The number and nature of the patient questions indicates still a huge need for good information on prostate cancer diagnosis


Since 2006, our solution team composed of medical information managers, designers and front and back end developers created and maintained the website.

We also managed the scientific publication strategy and the editorial development of the manuscripts that support the test’s utility.

Read a recent publication published in urology.


After the website launch, the conversion steadily increased (see table for details).

The average cost per conversion between 2006 and 2014 was less than 1 euro.

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