Ismar Healthcare, medical communication and education experts since 1998
Our team helps pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device companies and associations around the world and provides solutions tailored to their needs.
Since our foundation in 1998 we delivered 3000+ solutions for 250+ customer contacts in 40+ diseases.


Foundation by Bianca Meesen and Louis Smets, both pharmaceutical industry professionals passionate about medical communication and education.

A nice house in Lier was renovated into the Ismar office.


Hiring of first medical information staff.
Hot air balloon baptation after 1 year probation period.



Under leadership of Herman J. Stoevelaar, we start to conduct various studies using the RAND/UCLA method for analysing clinical decisions.


The expansion of our staff and professional partner network necessitates a move into a location providing larger office space.


A strategic exercise was conducted to develop insight into the future of Continuous Medical Education (CME). This ended in December with a colloquium gathering thought leaders, learning experts, industry professionals, accreditation officers and governmental administrators.


Spin-out of staff for the creation of e-HIMS, a completely  separated legal entity fully devoted to address the future needs of learners and teachers, offering multi-sponsored Continuous Medical Education.



Our new offices are designed to be an inspiring place for our people to create top level medical communication and education. Obtaining a subsidy from the organisation for innovation, science & technology supporting our efforts in online medical learning marks another important milestone in our history.