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Since 2001, I have been working as a medical information manager for Ismar Healthcare in an international environment and on various challenging disease areas.
I really enjoy ‘translating’ complicated medical science to comprehensive and creative formats. And I learn something new every day!
The good relations with colleagues, clients and physicians also contribute to my job satisfaction.

Antoinnet (Senior) Medical information manager

I have been working as a medical information manager for Ismar Healthcare since 2005. The variation in disease areas we work on gives me the challenge I need to enjoy my job. The good relations with colleagues and clients also contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.

Katrien (Senior) Medical information manager

After I finished my PhD in medical sciences, I started working at Ismar Healthcare in 1999 as a medical information manager; I took on a senior medical information position in 2004. In 2005, I became account manager, which allows me to combine my scientific background with organisational, managerial and social skills.
I enjoy working in a team and love it when we exceed our client’s expectations. I’m currently in a professional development programme leading up to a director’s role.

Iris Account manager

My adventure as an assistant at Ismar Healthcare started in 2006. Over the years my job has evolved and my tasks have been very diverse: from administrative work to shipping boxes and securing the reception desk at meetings. This variation in activities and working with a great group of colleagues make my job nice and valuable. In 2014, I was assigned to be the assistant to the management team.

Evelien Assistant

15 years ago, I came across an Ismar job ad that contained 10 questions. It said I should apply if I could answer ‘yes’ to at least 8. I could, so I did.
Since, I‘ve been able to develop my strengths at Ismar and grow tremendously. I’m now project manager for creative design and organisation of all kinds of events — from quite straightforward to complex. I keep many balls in the air with lots of international communication, planning, negotiation, problem solving, travel… Challenging and never boring!

Kristof Event manager