Healthcare professional centered in every step

Everything starts by understanding the current practice patterns of healthcare professionals (HCP) in order to estimate the gap to the desired practice patterns in the future. We do not believe in 'teacher centric' approaches in education, same message for everybody or communication/education push models only. We preach & practice a 'HCP centric' approach,  HCP information need content matching or communication/education pull models.

Step by step to reach goals?

There is an old Flemish saying: don't put the chariot before the horse. Therefore, we prefer to work in a 5 consecutive step approach for delivering an optimal communication and education strategy and execution.

5 step approach

  1. Understand

    Understand current practice patterns of healthcare professionals as well as the educational need to overcome barriers of adoption of client technology

  2. Define

    Define with thought leaders the appropriate positioning of client technology in relation to need

  3. Create and manage

    Create and manage structured content fitting the appropriate channel format for dissemination and the targeted intents

  4. Engage and measure

    Engage healthcare professionals through acquisition, activation, retention and conversion strategy. Measure the impact by defining the relevant conversion metrics

  5. Full integration

    Integrate these conversion data with your own CRM systems for strategy refinement


We work along the continuum of the steps or on individual steps.

  • Research & insights

    Our medical information group uses advanced search, export & analysis technology to identify the relevant data and transform data into easy digestible information. Our directors & managers use modified Delphi and other proprietary techniques to extract expert knowledge and endorsement on appropriate positioning. We explore practice patterns in both qualitative as quantitative manner.

  • Strategy

    Through the insights obtained, we elaborate together with our clients and thought leaders a strategy. This is, most of the time, a medical technology adoption strategy, but can also be a referral strategy, disease awareness road-map or an educational format.

  • Creation & production

    Consistent with the strategy we develop creative communication and education concepts that connect healthcare professionals with medical technologies (whether it concerns a medical therapy, a diagnostic procedure or a medical device). We target relevancy and consistency in our communication. We convert ideas into structured content and visualizations appropriate for the chosen communication channels.

  • Live events & meetings

    Our educational events & meetings team produces memorable live meetings with an exemplary eye for detail (whether it is the theme, staging, lightning, sound, background music,...) and always on strategy. They are known for their pro-activity in managing travel, hotel and venue arrangements.

  • Online educational journeys

    Our educational journeys are based on the sushi principle (easy to digest content). They contain a relevant question, clinical case or problem and a call to action (CTA) which is in line with the educational goals. The sushi principal fits perfectly with intent based engagement of healthcare professionals. We believe in engagement amplifiers such as instant peer and expert responses and gamification elements. Our project team works together with our clients and thought leaders to translate CTAs into conversion goals.

  • Data & analytics

    Our data & analytics group is instrumental for lead nurturing, SEO, SEA, intent based display and communication automation. They work together with a strategic partner Intracto and Google to apply the appropriate technology for engaging healthcare professionals and to develop dashboards which provide insight for refining strategies.

We'd love to hear from you

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Our Expert Network

Since our foundation we have developed excellent long-term relations with 1800+ medical thought leaders from all over the world in different disease fields. We are working with key medical associations, medical journals, social networks and media groups. Always with respect and focused on our goal.