DiaScope®: an online framework to support individualised treatment choice in type 2 diabetes

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There are many new drugs for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, each with their specific benefits and risks. Guidelines lack the details to optimally support individualised treatment decisions.


Together with a European expert panel, we developed a conceptual framework for individualised treatment choice in diabetes. The RAND/UCLA method was used to establish treatment recommendations for various clinical scenarios. We also created an online tool based on the framework.

Panel ratings and meetings to optimise the decision model

The panel process consisted of two individual rating rounds using specific software and three panel meetings to discuss the results and adapt the decision model. Appropriateness recommendations were established for in total 930 treatment decisions. Read a recent publication on the panel results.

DiaScope®: online decision support

Based on the panel outcomes, an online decision support tool was developed. The user can choose any combination of patient characteristics and then see the treatment recommendations for that profile. Clicking on a treatment recommendation provides detailed information on the underlying considerations. (The tool is currently being tested in different settings in various European countries.)

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