Dedicated… to deliver inspired medical communication and education solutions with impact.
But dedication is not enough! How strong is our capacity for consciously making sense of things, verifying facts, and changing or justifying practices based on new or existing information?

6 reasons why we deliver

1. We look at the bigger picture

Seeing the pixels and the bigger picture calls for key competences. Our competence areas include strategy consultancy, medical information management, clinical decision research and support, educational formats and medical medias. Our directors and account managers listen to your needs, scope the unmet needs and provide leadership in developing the encompassing solutions. We believe that going beyond the one-time solution and working in a long-term partnership allows us to provide integrated solutions that fit the bigger picture.

One team, many talents2. One team, many talents

Every solution requires the appropriate functional competences in the team. Depending on the solution, the account manager will create your team composed of medical information managers, web designers and/or developers, graphic designers, event manager, assistants or CME coordinators. All these talents are at your fingertips, make us flexible and allow fast responses to your queries.


3. Continuous improvement

Every new staff member is introduced to our internal quality processes and functional standards. During solution development, team members are coached by senior staff members and after delivery, we carefully evaluate to find areas for improvement. 10% of our staff time is devoted to functional development training (internal and external) and lunch workshops addressing key issues within our competence clusters. Although we believe our team is built on the work floor, we also organise special team building activities twice/year.

Every detail counts

4. Every detail counts

The devil is often in the detail. This goes for print proofs of manuscripts, slides, the sound system during a meeting, responsiveness of a website to a browser, the right colour of light during a symposium, etc. We apply stringent quality control in every solution development to reduce the risk of missing any details.


5. Personal commitment

We don’t believe in a nine-to-five or closed-minded mentality, but in transparency, open-mindedness, trust and respect. We put dedication, passion, flexibility and creativity first when selecting, developing and evaluating our staff. Most of our staff have been with Ismar Healthcare for over 5 years, and have built longstanding relationships with key medical thought leaders and clients.

6. Strong partnerships

As some solutions demand technical expertise and/or skills beyond our internal competences, we have developed a network of best-in-market professional partners. These partners participate in internal meetings, workshops and team building activities, and are considered an extension of our team.

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