Organising international meetings to exchange knowledge on mucupolysaccharidosis (MPS)

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MPS is a rare disorder affecting multiple organs. To improve the multi-disciplinary management of MPS patients, there is a need for knowledge exchange between MPS experts and ‘organ-specific’ specialists.


Organise organ-specific, international 2-day in-depth closed meetings and publish the outcomes of the presentations and discussions in peer-reviewed journals.

Congratulations for the excellent meeting held in Dublin. The organisation was perfect…” Roberto Giugliani, Geneticist, Brasil

Meeting materialsPreparatory and on-site meeting deliverables

From 2009 to 2014, Ismar supported BioMarin and the scientific committee with 4 meetings, focussing on the eyes, heart, lungs and problems associated with MPS patients reaching adulthood. Each meeting was attended by ~80 MPS & organ-specific experts.

Ismar was involved in:

  • Meeting identity, agenda, binders and staging development
  • Inviting/briefing up to 40 faculty members
  • Presentation editing and distribution on USB
  • Logistics
  • On-site meeting coordination

Post meeting materialsPost-meeting deliverables

For each meeting, Ismar prepared one or more draft review-type manuscripts highlighting the key messages from the presentations and related discussions. BioMarin and the involved speakers/authors reviewed each manuscript. The manuscripts were published in peer-reviewed journals and/or as a journal supplement and distributed widely (e.g. at congress booths) to the target audience by BioMarin staff.

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