Meeting-in-a-box: all-in toolkit to facilitate the organisation of local meetings

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Physicians need to continuously educate themselves. Astellas MENASSA wishes to support urologists with their educational needs and wants to reinforce their relations with regional urologists.


To facilitate the organisation of meetings, ISMAR developed a branded box with script and project branding. The scientific content was developed in collaboration with national and international experts.

Very professional and unbiased approach to customers: both the speakers and the attendees were excited with the materials. Hatem El-Zeiny, Astellas Egypt

Meeting-in-a-box content

Each affiliate selected 2 national experts to organize local meetings. An international expert was invited to endorse the project. During a webcon, the scientific content was reviewed and discussed by the experts. Based on the feedback, we finalized the meeting materials. Each affiliate received a nice box with roadbook and CD containing all the materials to organise local meetings, such as briefings, slide decks and the project branding.

Outcomes at a local level

The programme was well received in the MENA countries. The fact that we involved the affiliates from the start contributed to the success of this project. The affiliates, together with the local experts, organised several national and regional educational meetings. The programme helped to reinforce Astellas’ relations with regional urologists, oncologists, residents. It also positioned Astellas as supporter of high-quality educational programmes.

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