Positioning is key

The explosion of medical knowledge has substantially increased the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities for many diseases. This leads to uncertainty which technologies have the best benefit/risk balance for individual patients. Appropriate positioning helps to decrease this uncertainty and reduce under-use of technologies in clinical practice.

Robust method

Over the last 15 years we have successfully used modified Delphi methods for positioning various new and existing diagnostic and therapeutic technologies at the patient-specific level. The outcomes have been proved to be internally consistent, reproducible over time and with different expert panels, and sensitive to new scientific insights.

Why download this paper?

This paper reviews the method and application of the outcomes. It reviews several examples related to using the method output for adoption of technology positioning:

  1. Guideline development
  2. Development of online educational journeys and tools
  3. Case based educational meeting development
  4. Elaboration of clinical care pathways

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